History of Stamford Home Oil

The story of Stamford Home Oil starts in the early 1960s

On snow days, 10-year-old Danny Possidento drove around with his father Dominick, who delivered home heating oil for People’s Oil, running meter tickets to the mailbox.

In 1979, at the age of 18, Danny joined his father going to work for Petro Oil as a driver and soon decided that this was the business he wanted to be in. Four years later, after also getting his heating & cooling license, he started his own company.

“I always liked the interaction with people, and the ability to build long-lasting relationships with my customers. They could count on me, and in turn I could count on them. It's a win-win.” says Danny.

Over the next four decades, Danny got married, started a family, and continued to grow his business by expanding into commercial and industrial oil delivery. Today, Connecticut Bulk Transport trailers are a common sight throughout Connecticut and New York, delivering petroleum products to businesses, industries, and depots.

However, residential heating oil delivery remains his passion, and it’s truly a family business. Danny’s wife Pam is the bookkeeper (and also keeps everyone in line). Danny’s oldest son Joe manages the commercial transport, and his middle son Vinny oversees residential service delivery. Not surprisingly, work boots, gloves and industrial workwear are at the top of everyone’s holiday list.

A staple in the Fairfield, Connecticut area

Today Stamford Home Oil is a staple in the local marketplace and stays true to its commitment to exceptional customer service and fair pricing. While many companies try to convince homeowners to lock in to long-term fixed rate contracts, Stamford’s prices follow the market so customers can enjoy savings when prices are down, rather than pay a premium every day in anticipation of a future increase. On the other end of the spectrum, they do not try to compete penny for penny with “discounted” Internet oil delivery companies. “Sure, at any given time you may save a few cents if you have that time to call around, but try to get those companies to do a timely delivery when winter is at its worst”, Danny comments. 

As for the future, Danny, Pam and family continue to build Stamford Home Oil “one good customer relationship at a time". Danny adds “Most of our growth comes through referrals to family, friends and new neighbors. It’s very flattering to have our customers feel that comfortable, and it reminds us that, even when things are going crazy, we must be doing something right.”
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