Heating Systems Tune-Ups

Is your Heating System working Overtime?

Don't make your heating unit work so much harder running with a dirty nozzle and filters like these.
Dirty Nozzle and Filter - Tune-up
An annual tune-up assures your heating unit will run clean at peak efficiency
Let’s face it: Connecticut winters can get down-right cold. That means your heating system is often working overtime to keep your home warm throughout each heating season. While poor efficiency results in higher energy bills, a properly-maintained heating unit will ensure that your system continues to run reliably and efficiently with minimal risk for breakdowns. And remember, discovering potential equipment problems during the tune-up not only saves you money on repairs, but also decreases the inconvenience associated with equipment breakdowns.

Let the technicians at Stamford Home Oil keep your oil boiler or furnace and water heating system running effectively with our expert annual tune-up and safety check.

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